Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Caravan ploughs into new vehicle

Caravan ploughs into new vehicle

A RUNAWAY caravan collided with a parked car in an early-hours accident.

The caravan broke free and rolled into a nearly-new Toyota Yaris in Craven Street, Barnoldswick, on Saturday.

Police said they did not believe the incident to be a prank or act of sabotage and that the caravan appeared to have come loose from the rear of a car, but the accident could leave the damaged car's owners with a big repair bill as the owner of the caravan has not been traced.

The matter has now been referred to Pendle Council, which will remove the caravan if it is causing a nuisance for residents, but police asked anyone who could identify the caravan's owner to come forward.

11:08am Thursday 11th January 2007

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